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History of school
The outline of the history of the school in Witkowice

The first mentions of the school date back to 1918. At that time it was a wooden building with the thatched roof, where there was only one classroom and a room where the teacher lived.

In 1919 another one-room schools were built in Chorzenice and Nieznanice, which in 1923 were merged with the school in Witkowice under the management of Mr. Antoni Supody. Members of the teaching staff were Mrs. Stanisława Supody, Mrs. Julia Budnik and Mr. Władysław Budnik. Lessons were held in private houses that is why the teachers had to walk to Chorzenice and Nieznanice to conduct classes there. Since 1925 the school in Witkowice had began to function in seven-year system and in 1927 Mr. Czesław Król became its headmaster. In May 1934 the local community set about building new school. One hectare of land was made over by the owner of the estate in Witkowice and the villagers sold over 4 acres of farmland. The money was spent on a small wooden manor house in Nieznanice. The material from the demolition was used to building of the new school. Before September the 1st the building had been roofed with tiles, and by the end of the month the walls in the classrooms were plastered, flooring was laid and stoves were built. After Mr. Czesław Król had been arrested in 1939, the school was run by Mrs. Olga Król. When World War II ended Mr. Władysław Budnik became the headmaster of the school. He renovated the building and repaired the fence. What is more, the finishing touches were put to the rooms for teachers in the upper story of the building. When Mr. Budnik died in 1954 Mrs. Julia Budnik took up the post of the headmaster.

Years later the old building did not comply with the safety standards any more. There were too little classrooms and for that reason two-shift system was introduced. It involved one class taking the morning session, with the next class occupying the afternoon one. The pupils had to use primitive toilets outside the building. The cramped hall served as a cloakroom and a gym at the same time. The school was heated with tiled stoves and there was a considerable fire risk. The was a need to build a new school. Thanks to the efforts of local activists and the headmaster Mrs. Maria Rzeszot, the district council made the decision concerning the construction of a new school, which in 1996 was put into use. Next year the gym was built. Since 1999, a reform of the system of education has been implemented and new types of schools were introduced, i.e. 6-year primary school and 3-year gymnasium (lower secondary level). In 2002 the district council set up Zespół Szkół (consisting of primary school and gymnasium) in Witkowice, the headmaster of which became Mrs. Dorota Kowalik. In 2005 the school was named after Jan Kochanowski and the parents council funded the flag with the effigy of Jan Kochanowski. Currently, apart from primary school and gymnasium, there is a kindergarten for six-year-olds. The school is attended by students from Witkowice, Nieznanice, Chorzenice, Zdrowa and Przybyłów.
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Adres Szkoły
Szkoła Podstawowa
w Witkowicach
ul. Częstochowska 22
42-270 Kłomnice

tel: 34 328-92-01
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